7th Extinction RPG


Post alien invasion

Now some several hundred years after the failed invasion, a necessary peace exists between earth's inhabitants, both human and alien. Those remaining now face new threats from both Aegis, a sentient AI who sees itself as the planet's protector, and species from other parallel universes bent on exploiting our Earth's resources and inhabitants.

Unable to reach orbit

Aegis, ever-present and watching, guards planet Earth from would-be invaders entering our solar system. It also stops Earth's inhabitants from leaving the planet and again causes catastrophe from the orbit above.

Explore Breaches & Parallel Universes

In the dying moments of the failed invasion, a devastating weapon launched by the invading forces malfunctioned. It caused Breaches that have torn open the very fabric of space-time. Adventurers can travel through these breaches to alternate Earths and beyond.

Play in our world or craft your own

While orbit and interstellar travel may currently be denied to the surviving inhabitants, the ruins of old Earth aren't the only place to explore. Game Masters can create their own alternative Earths, and craft a world truly unique and engaging for their campaign.

100's of locations to explore

Already 200 locations are documented across old Earth and the Breach for your party to explore. Game masters can also create their own unique places to explore.


Rule of 4

The defining rule within 7th Extinction's mechanics. Whenever a dice is needed to be rolled every target number starts at '4'. Critical rolls are achieved when they are exceeded by a number of 4.

Dice System

Players roll 1 dice for their Trait and 2 dice for their skill together, giving players the advantage. After all, you are playing heroes…or villains. When a maximum on a die is rolled, it explodes, allowing the player to roll again to achieve even higher success.

Nonlinear Progression

There are no character levels; no waiting 5 levels for that wanted ability. Players can spend experience as they earn it to increase character traits and skills. They can learn tradecraft and quirks. No one wants to wait for multiple sessions of gameplay only to be rewarded with minor improvements.

You, the player, choose how your character improves. Not the book!

Not just a sci-fi rules system

With many alternate Earths to explore, you can easily have the player's characters move earths by an unfortunate event or start entirely new characters.

Caters to both Short & Long term campaign play

With "Short Story" and "Campaign" gameplay modes, you can play the game and experience progression faster than those with less real-world time to play games. While those who want a longer campaign can play at a more modest pace.


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