Post alien invasion

Now some several hundred years after the failed invasion, a necessary peace exists between earth's inhabitants, both human and alien. Those remaining now face new threats from both Aegis, a sentient AI who sees itself as the planet's protector, and species from other parallel universes bent on exploiting our Earth's resources and inhabitants.

Explore Breaches & Parallel Universes

In the dying moments of the failed invasion, a devastating weapon launched by the invading forces malfunctioned. It caused Breaches that have torn open the very fabric of space-time. Adventurers can travel through these breaches to alternate Earths and beyond.

Unable to leave orbit

Aegis, ever-present and watching, guards planet Earth from would-be invaders entering our solar system. It also stops Earth's inhabitants from leaving the planet.

Play in our world or craft your own

While orbit and interstellar travel may currently be denied to the surviving inhabitants, the ruins of old Earth aren't the only place to explore. Game Masters can create their own alternative Earths, and craft a world truly unique and engaging for their campaign.

100's of locations to explore

Already 200 locations are documented across old Earth and the Breach for your party to explore. Gamemasters can also create their own unique places to explore.


The digital version of the core rule book will always remain free and constantly updated.

Character Combinations, 6 Species & 14 Trades

Skills & Quirks, to make your character unique

and more Equipment to salvage, craft and find

and more Locations to explore, survive


Nonlinear Progression

No levels, Just growth! Spend experience in real-time on traits, skills, quirks & tradecraft. Shape your character's journey without waiting. Your story, not the book's rules.

Not just a sci-fi rules system

Explore countless alternate Earths! Have characters switch worlds through unforeseen events or start anew.

Dice System

Roll 1 dice for Traits and 2 for Skills, empowering your hero or villain play. Achieve a max die roll? It explodes for a chance at even greater success!

Rule of 4

In 7th Extinction, dice target numbers kick off at '4'. Dice explode! Every 4 points above triggers cascading criticals. Roll big, get rewarded big!

Short & Long term campaign play

Choose between Short Story & Campaign modes. Enjoy swift progression for quick games and fast progression or savor a longer journey, choose your adventure speed.

Salvaging & Crafting Luck

Dive into an intuitive crafting system. Salvage. Create & break free from the "need-a-town-to-buy" limits, craft your advantage.

Artwork Portfolio

We've had the privilege of collaborating with exceptional artists who've masterfully translated our vision for the game.

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By Hamish Kentwell


Sea Monster Attacks!

By Hamish Kentwell



Desert Repairs

By Sergey Vasnev



Train Yard

By Sergey Vasnev





By Sergey Vasnev


Food Market

By hamish Kentwell



Refueling Station

By hamish Kentwell

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really going to be free?

When we started this journey almost 5 years ago, it wasn't to publish a game but make something we wanted to play. We want people to play and enjoy it as much as we have, so the core game will always be free digitally.

Will there be a print edition?

We hope so and thats our second goal. With enough commuity demand we will publish a physical book.

Will you crowd fund the physcial book?

Currently the game has been completely self funded including paying our artists for their fantastic work. If we do crowd fund the print edition, consider it 'pre-stretched' meaning we won't goto print until the digital book is 100% complete, so what you see in the pdf will be what you get in the physical copy.

Can I really make my own universe?

Certainly, with endless parallel universes you can create the world you want. We'll have submission form and a register on the website to keep track of our worlds (we have several in the making) and the community content created.

What game license is used?

Good question, we should have an answer on that soon.

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